Bruckenburg is the largest settlement in the Nentir Vale, a walled town that straddles the 200-foot falls on the Nentir River. The town is divided by the bluffs into Hightown (posh, well-protected) and Lowtown (poor, still partially ruined from the Bloodspear War fifteen years ago).

Five-Arch Bridge spans the Nentir, a wooden trestle built built on the stone foundations of an earlier dwarven bridge.

The Lord Warden Faren Markl rules over the settlement from Castle Brucken, which sits on a hill overlooking the town.

There are several taverns, two inns, and numerous shops scattered throughout Hightown (expensive) and Lowtown (cheap).

There are three large temples in Hightown, serving multiple deities.

A tall, slender, seven-sided tower stands majestically on a rise above Lowtown.

Several noble estates are fronted by tree-lined boulevards in Hightown.

The old Imperial Highway, renamed the King’s Road by the short-reigned King of Middenheim, leads out through the ruined King’s Gate southeast, to the Harken Barony. The road also crosses Five-Arch Bridge and the Toll Gate, leading to Winterhaven in the northwest. The Trade Road runs through Wizard’s Gate to Hammerfast in the northeast. Knight’s Gate is rarely used for anything but mounted patrols of the northern countryside.


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